Family History Research Assistants

“Discover Your Ancestral Legacy: Uncover the Past by enlisting one of our Family History Research Assistants”. “CVR will leave no stone unturned as we unearth the fascinating details of your family history”

At CVR, our dedicated researchers are adept at navigating repositories so that we can  guarantee that your information is gathered accurately. CVR has created the perfect foundation by hiring only highly qualified researchers who’ve already established contacts within the government record vaults of India. With CVR’s extensive network, we can effortlessly approach religious establishments, church buildings, government record vaults, and even walk the appropriate graveyard for information that can document your specific request. All of which are essential as you gather your comprehensive research.

To Date, CVR has successfully assisted more than 50 clients in discovering their ancestral connections in India. Our proven track record showcases our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Our Pricing Plans

Basic Package

$ 1750
  • Research Goal: One
  • Destination: One within India

Standard Package

$ 2200
  • Research Goal: Two
  • Destination: Two within India

Premium Package

$ 2500
  • Research Goal: Four
  • Destination: Multiple within India

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