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Welcome to Century Vital Records LLC (CVR) . Since 2011, our knowledgeable staff have specialized in retrieving data from historical manuscripts in an accurate and researchable fashion. Many of our records we’ve indexed date back to the 15th century. Our team of professional indexers excel far above the rest in deciphering information found within hand-written documents. CVR has indexed these manuscripts in a myriad of languages that include; English, Portuguese, French, Latin, German, Cyrillic, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Hindi. Over the past 10 years, CVR has successfully indexed more than 100 million records, thanks to our dedicated team efforts.

At CVR, we understand the importance of outsourcing data entry projects for there is still so much work to be done in capturing as much family history information as possible world-wide. CVR develops a custom comprehensive solution for your data entry needs. With our workforce of over 400 skilled data entry operators, we guarantee that your finished product will be accurate and in a timely manner. Whether you require assistance with large-scale data entry projects or ongoing data management, Century Vital Records LLC is the perfect choice.

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