Century Vital Records
Data Security
  • Century Vital Records practices on-site paper shredding to ensure there are no information leaks.
  • We pride ourselves in being a high-tech paperless office.
  • Century Vital Records uses the latest in program technology to provide you a finished product you can use.
  • We are equipped with Cyberoam firewalls anti-spyware and anti-viral detection to ensure your data is secure.
  • Bio metric scanning systems have been installed outside the entrance ways to any place within our building having access to confidential information.
  • Our facility is equipped with high-speed communication circuits and is connected to Airtel & Tata Communication; India’s premier ISP Communication system.
  • Century Vital Records power management system provides uninterrupted power supply for 6 hours of sustainable power supporting 200 individual work stations.
  • Our generators are Emerson Liebert Series and will give you 40 Kilowatts of uninterrupted power.
  • Century Vital Records is equipped with the latest CCTV Cameras so that they can monitor all facility bay areas.
EmployeeRegulations & Care
  • Century Vital Records maintains criminal background checks before hiring and all users have restricted internet access with no recording or personal devices or USB’s allowed within the work areas.
  • Our employees are completely taken care of in all aspects of their lives. Each employee at Century Vital Records is guaranteed India’s Employee State Insurance (ESI) plan which covers the employees and the other members of their families.
  • After six months of good performance any employee at Century Vital Records could expect they would be watched over and given special consideration and charity-care in any employee’s personal struggle or time of need.