Century Vital Records LLC’s core business is rooted in International Indexing ventures from the easy to the most difficult of manuscript records to decipher in the world. Century Vital Records mission in “Making Every Name Count” is centered in the belief that all people of the world should have access to records necessary to complete their Family Histories…

CVR is a leader in accurate content extraction in all of the romantic languages. CVR’s team of master indexers have pulled information from important Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Records in foreign languages. For over 12 years CVR has extracted information from the hardest of paragraph manuscript records. Let CVR help you access, extract and index your ancient histories.

Family History Research Assistance

Hello, We’re excited to offer personal escort, and our family history research assistant services, to those wishing to explore their genealogical roots in India!

We have assigned a professional gatekeeper to assist you as your quest begins and ends; Wendy Wilson Spooner, of Know My Roots Genealogy. With a post-graduate degree from the University of London in Genealogy and Documentary Sciences, and as Chairman of the Advisory Council of Century Vital Records, Wendy has developed a love for the people of India and for the opportunity to have local researchers unearth records you are seeking, or even better, to help facilitate your genealogical trip to one of the most colorful and amazing countries in the world!

Please Contact Wendy Spooner for further direction and answers to your family history questions, or for scheduling your own Family History trip to India

Record Preservation

Century Vital Records is passionate about preserving the ancient records of the world. Since the mission of Century Vital Records is “Making Every Name Count” we are continually searching for deteriorating manuscripts needing to be digitized so that the information found within these records can be available to those who wish to research their family history lines and complete their family tree.

Century Vital Records is committed to using only the finest record capture systems that will interface easily with the latest computer software and organizational management systems around the globe

Additional Areas of Focus

CVR has positioned itself to meet the ever increasing needs of our work place. Two of those needs are listed here in Additional Areas of Focus

IT Technical Support and Feature Film Production. These two divisions offer 15 years of experience working within the hardest disciplines and providing the latest in software development and editing.